Simple checks for super success

20 June

Complete these checks to help meet your super obligations. Meeting your super obligations as an employer is important, but we know there’s a lot you need to think about. To help streamline the process, complete these simple checks for...[Read More]

What is a Financial Advice Plan and how can it help me?

2 May

A financial advice plan, or Statement of Advice (SOA), is a detailed document that sets out the financial advice given to a consumer by their licensed financial planner or adviser.  The planner or adviser may be a physical person who provides...[Read More]

From Distant Concern to Valued Asset: The Adult’s Guide to Embracing Superannuation

4 April

Being young comes with a whirlwind of experiences and financial priorities, often pushing thoughts about retirement and superannuation to the back burner.    Initially, for many young individuals, superannuation feels like a distant concern,...[Read More]

Super access won’t lower hurdles for young home hunters

28 March

Many young Australians living in the capital cities will not be able to pay for a house deposit, even if they drained their entire retirement savings, a report has found. Rates of home ownership are declining for young Australians as prices climb...[Read More]

Is there an underinsurance problem in Australia?

9 November

While the title of this post may surprise some people, it’s actually a rhetorical question. In fact, as far back as 2005, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) was already reporting on home building underinsurance. There...[Read More]