Gen Z’s Girl Math Compounds Money Worries

8 July

New research from ASIC’s MoneySmart reveals Aussie Gen Z women—those in their late teens to late twenties are more likely than men of the same age to feel stressed and overwhelmed about finances and money. While the majority of Australians are...[Read More]

What do the Stage 3 Tax Cuts Mean for Me?

8 July

With cost of living pressures still biting, every little bit counts. Now that the stage 3 tax cuts have kicked in, we look at how they’ll translate into more dollars in your back pocket. How much extra money will I get in my weekly pay? It depends...[Read More]

Don’t Lose your Super to Scammers

8 July

Don’t be another victim – be on the lookout for scammers who call you about your superannuation! ASIC on the lookout The number of cold callers is on the rise. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) are urging people to hang...[Read More]

The most common financial mistakes to avoid

4 July

It’s easy to make mistakes with money, especially if you’re unaware of how dire the consequences of your actions could be. Here, we’ll look at some of the most common financial mistakes people commit that frequently result in severe financial...[Read More]

Some useful tips to grow your superannuation

27 June

Retirement is a period most people eagerly anticipate. It’s that wonderful stage of life when you can finally unwind and spend your time as you please. You can even spend retirement focusing on the businesses you’ve been planning and have put...[Read More]

Time and Wealth: The Essential Connection

20 June

In our pursuit of wealth, we often find ourselves caught in the relentless cycle of earning, saving, and investing.  While accumulating wealth is undoubtedly a significant goal, it is essential to recognise that time, the finite resource we all...[Read More]

Optimise your investments and ensure a secure financial future with your Financial Adviser

13 June

Navigating the complex financial landscape is challenging. However, with the right Financial Adviser, you can optimise your investments and ensure a secure financial future. By understanding how clients often perceive missteps in their...[Read More]

5 EOFY Tips to Maximise Your Tax Savings

10 June

As the end of the financial year approaches, there’s no better time to do some strategic planning and make informed decisions to help optimise your tax position and potentially boost any refund you may get. Here are some essential tips that...[Read More]

What is Salary Sacrifice, and how can it help me?

10 June

Salary sacrifice, sometimes referred to as salary packaging, is a financial arrangement an employee can make with their employer to sacrifice a portion of their salary or wages in exchange for various benefits, in this case, additional super...[Read More]

Minimum wage workers to benefit from July pay rise

6 June

MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE * Australians earning minimum wage while working full-time will get an extra $33 per week from July * The minimum wage will increase to $24.10 per hour, or $915.91 per week, based on a full-time 38 hour working week * That...[Read More]

Essential End-of-Year Tax Tips: Maximise Your Savings for Businesses and Individuals

30 May

The financial year is drawing to a close, which means tax time is just around the corner! To help you get ready for the new financial year, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of practical tips and advice for this period.    Whether you’re a...[Read More]

A behavioural approach during market volatility

30 May

Much of this year has remained fraught with uncertainty and instability in the markets. This, of course, has caused many investors to become nervous and impulsive about their market decisions.   This article will help to ease some fears about...[Read More]

Maximising tax savings: Top 10 End of Financial Year tips and the value of professional advice

23 May

The end of the financial year (EOFY) is a critical period for individuals and businesses alike. Proper planning and organisation can lead to significant tax savings and ensure compliance with tax laws.    Here are ten essential EOFY tax tips and...[Read More]

Use these 3 tips to maintain a good credit score

16 May

Your credit score is a numerical indicator lenders use to determine how risk-free you are as a borrower. It is based on the details in your credit report, such as your borrowing history and whether you have made timely payments.   People with low...[Read More]

How to set Financial Goals and reduce money worries

2 May

Many Australians are finding themselves buckling under the weight of financial concerns. Pressure from rising living costs to economic uncertainty can take a toll on overall well-being.  In this article, we look at how setting financial goals,...[Read More]